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Small Group Study Guide

Small Group Study Guide


Download: Small Group Study Guide

6 Practical Ways To Aim For A Full Life

Download: 6 Practical Ways To Aim For A Full Life

16 Part Video Series

View From The Rocking Chair Video Series

Matt and Chantal have put together a series of 16 videos to help you or your small group go even deeper into this study.


The View From The Rocking Chair

Busy vs. Full Questions

Good vs. Godly

Your Family Compass Check

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Sonrise Mountain Ranch

Sonrise Mountain Ranch is a Christ-centered interdenominational retreat center encouraging families to embrace God’s design and giving them a chance to deepen relationships within their own family and with other families.

Sonrise Mountain Ranch hosts weeklong and weekend family retreats, marriage retreats, pastor/missionary retreats, and other events that relate to our mission.

If you are looking to slow down and grow your relationship with the Lord, your family, and other families, Sonrise Mountain Ranch could be just the place for you.

Sonrise Mountain Ranch Brochure

sonrise mountain ranch brochure

Download: Sonrise Mountain Ranch Brochure

Scripture To Rhythm


james-1 scripture to rhythm

james 3 scripture to rhythm

Philippians 1 scripture to rhythm

Philippians 2 Scripture to Rhythm


Recommended Study Bibles



Recommended Commentaries

New Bible Commentary


Books That Can Help You Think More Like Christ





Family Mission Trip Information

Organizations To Consider

International Family Missions (IFM)

Greater Europe Missions (GEM)

My Life Speaks — Haiti

Sonrise Mountain Ranch — trips available for families that have attended a family retreat.

Local Church Trips — Many local churches offer trips where families are welcome to attend.

Suggested Steps To Move Ahead

Gather as a family to pray and ask God to lead each step and to accomplish His purposes through each step. Commit to watch and pray together as a family.

Consider keeping a family journal of things you “see” as you consider going on a trip.

Commit to pray at each step along the way.

Do some research to find out what organizations and trips might be best for your family.

Contact the organizations/trip leaders to find out more information about the specific trip(s).

Evaluate the viability of the trip that seems best. Consider the time, energy, financial resources, and risk that is involved. Ask together as a family, “Is it worth it?”


Other Small Group Studies

These are a few other studies you could do as a small group with friends and neighbors.

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