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Chapter 3: Life is About Choices

What do you do first thing every day when you hear the alarm go off?

You either hit snooze or get up. You make a choice.

What do you do next? You may roll out of bed to pray, go brush your teeth, make a beeline to the coffee pot, or jump in the shower. You have made another choice.

How do you end the day?

Do you spend the last few minutes before you close your eyes reading in bed? Reflecting on the day with your spouse? Staring at the ceiling wondering how you can fix an ailing relationship? Calculating the latest possible time you can set your alarm and still get the kids out the door on time?

However you choose to end your day, you end it with a choice.

Life is about choices. Our days are made up of choice after choice after choice.

Our choices, more than anything else, impact our moment-by-moment existence.

The final accounting of our time on this earth will principally be based on the choices we made.

Choice and the Image of God

Part of being made in the image of God is the ability for humans to consider the importance of their choices. No other living thing has this capacity.

It is a sobering thought to accept that my choices will have a lasting effect on my children and then on my children’s children.

The Bible offers us a clear understanding of the significance of our choices. Yet, it seems all too easy to become blinded to this reality.

Downplaying What Our Choices Mean

Humans are inclined to minimize the importance of their choices.

Why might we downplay the impact of our choices?

Possibly because we cannot see the difference they make.

Perhaps because we are not very proud of the decisions we have made.

Maybe we do it because life is passing by so fast that we have little time to reflect on what our choices are bringing about.

Another Player

It is worth considering that the enemy of our souls wants us to think that our choices are insignificant.

What would be the effect on my decisions if Satan could convince me, it really doesn’t matter?