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Chapter 2: The Lesson of the Compass

Most of us would never begin a journey without a destination in mind.

Yet, all of us at times take steps forward — or make decisions in our lives without a clear idea of where we are heading.

Some of us have a vague notion of what we are aiming for and declare we are aiming for “happiness” or “financial security” or “a good life for my family” or even “heaven.”

But in reality, we do not have clear vision for where we are going.

An honest evaluation of our choices inevitably reveals that lack of vision.

Your Destination

Your destination is the desired picture of the sum of your life at the end.

It is the reality of what you have lived for and what your life has brought about. It is like the finish line of a race that is one step away from our ultimate destination, heaven or hell (or wherever you believe your soul will be in eternity).

Our understanding of the afterlife, while important, contains many facets that will be unclear until we arrive.

Considering our destination at the end of our lives allows us to work with entirely understood elements, which casts a clearer vision.

If you’re wondering how precisely do you need to determine the destination for your journey, the answer is, the more clarity of vision the better.

Selecting Your Compass

Some people wonder if they have a compass. Everybody has a compass of some sort.

Your “compass” is what you use to make choices in your life.

What will you use to navigate?

Determining what you will use as your compass for the journey of life is a supreme decision.

Regardless of what you tell others is the compass for your life, you may find it eye-opening to reflect on how you make choices and what that tells you about your actual compass.