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Chapter 13: Investing in the Kingdom

Those who follow Christ are meant to pursue different things than those who do not call God their Father.

If God is your Father, you are meant to focus on His business, the Kingdom of God, while resting in His promise to take care of your business or needs (Luke 16:13).

You must choose between the pursuit of God and the pursuit of money.

From Jesus’ standpoint, pursuing both or sitting on the fence is not possible. We are meant to see money as an instrument to serve God and His purposes (Luke 12:15-21).

Your personal “net worth” is not the sum of all that you own. Those with the most toys do not win in God’s eyes.

Storing up wealth for yourself so you can “take life easy” and “be happy” is ultimately a foolish and fruitless pursuit (Matthew 6:19-21)

From an eternal perspective, storing up what is treasured on earth is laboring in vain. When we invest in the things that are treasured in Heaven, our investments will be valuable for all eternity.

What you treasure will be proven by your choices.

The Greatest Threat To Those Aiming For The Kingdom Of God

Hypoxia is a medical term describing a lack of oxygen to the brain. When someone experiences hypoxia, they may have a variety of symptoms without being able to recognize what is happening.

The term is significant in aviation because it can be a silent killer. If a pilot experiences the initial stages of hypoxia and does nothing about it, he or she may eventually pass out. Landing an airplane is pretty difficult if you are unconscious.

In the early stages of hypoxia, a pilot might notice tingling lips or hands, a mild dizziness, or a slight change in the colors they see.

In the next stage, they might experience a lack of coordination, muscle fatigue, or a feeling of euphoria.

If the hypoxia continues, the pilot will suffer poor judgment, a lack of awareness, and loss of consciousness as the brain is starved of oxygen.

Spiritual Hypoxia

The initially faint yet gradually deepening love of the things of the world and adoption of our culture’s values, is the greatest threat to those aiming for the Kingdom of God.

Spiritual hypoxia has insidiously shipwrecked the lives of countless people.

If someone is suffering from spiritual hypoxia, they are likely to brush off the diagnosis.

The teenager who has changed her listening habits from Christian music to Katy Perry will scoff when their parents show concern.

One brutal fact for parents is that moms and dads often open the door to spiritual hypoxia. Their loss of awareness in a particular area can lead their children into dangerous territory.

No one is immune from the threat of drifting off course and taking his family with him.

Jesus often said, “He who has ears, let him hear.” We, too, should listen carefully and not forget.

A Life “For Me” Or “For Others”

Consider the goal of your actions when living for the American Dream versus living for the Kingdom of God. Who is the primary recipient of the benefits?

You can sum up the distinction between the two lifestyles like this — a life “for me” or a life “for others.”

Jesus makes the trajectory of life simple for those who would follow Him through His own example.

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.” — Mark 10:45

So what happens when Christians pursue the American Dream instead of the Kingdom of God?